12-year-olds Connor Mitchell hates spending time outside. He has spent most of his summer playing video games, building tech gear, and eating loads of junk food. One day, when his crafty skills accidentally ruin his neighbor's birthday party, he gets grounded and sent to his room without any Wi-Fi, video games or candy!! Even worse, he finds out his least favorite neighbor is babysitting while his parents go out for the night. 

Connor wakes up the next morning to find out something really strange has happened! A meteor shower has turned everyone into ZOMBIES! 

Now Connor’s life has become a live-action video game and he must do everything he can to defeat the zombies. As they become more and more aggressive, Connor realizes he may be the only one who can stop them! If he doesn't find a way to put his skills to use, it'll be the end of the neighborhood and possibly the world!



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Connor Rundell




Directed by Derek Rundell ©2018. All Rights Reserved.